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Help Tell Longview’s Story

Drone Show Design Contest


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  to be determined


The Longview Centennial Committee is inviting submissions of original designs for the Longview Centennial Drone Show. Help tell the story of its founding, building, growth, and future via the modern media of lighted drones flying in formation over the celebrants. Three hundred drones with multi-colored lights will launch into the September night and from up to 300 feet in the air form images and animations that will highlight our city’s creation and accomplishments while inspiring future progress.


The show will be similar to a movie or storybook with illustrations.

  • Each image will use 300 drones/comprised of 300 dots

  • Image may be 2D, 3D, or animation

  • Image should reflect historical people, buildings, parks, arches,                          events, the uniqueness of Longview to create a story


  • The drone show will be limited to 12 minutes from launch to landing

  • Music and narration may be added

  • Standard formats accepted, email will be sent to acknowledge receipt and verify the format is valid


Email submissions to:

drone show.jpg

Looking for inspiration?


The Longview Public Library Digital Archive has historical photos of Longview

We are using Go Drones for our Longview Shows


Here are links to other sites for ideas and how they work

You can also search YouTube for examples

PLEASE NOTE: All designs submitted may be used by the Longview Centennial Committee to promote the 100 years of Longview including all memorabilia, souvenirs, and publications free of any rights or royalties to the designer other than recognition and appreciation.

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