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Cal Fowler 1/12/2022

JH Kelly is restoring the Monticello Convention historic marker as centennial gift

Brennen Kauffman June 10 2023

For the Daily News

Longview Centennial Mural at Pets, Pawns, and Instruments

The Broad Strokes Project is contributing this amazing mural to the Longview Centennial Celebration. The mural is designed by Longview native Paul Nunn. The Mural is on the Pets, Pawns, and Instruments building on the corner of Commerce Ave. and Maple St. This Mural honors 100 years of Longview featuring 100 tree rings forming an iconic scene from our local history. 


Prints are available for purchase at Pets, Pawns, and Instruments Building — The Broad Strokes Project

PPandI_Building_Color AFTER
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