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Time Capsule 2023


What should go in the Time Capsule?

High school students from R A Long, Mark Morris, and Three Rivers are gathering items and preparing them for the time capsule to be placed in a 4 foot long stainless steel cylinder with an interior of 16" diameter.


It will be sealed in the official Longview Centennial Monument donated by JH Kelly that will be dedicated on February 14, 2024.

What should tell the story of 2023 to the next generation?
What do you want the future to know about Longview?
  • Businesses, Restaurants, Leisure Activities, Clubs
  • Current prices
  • Technology
  • Newspapers
  • Culture
  • Pop Culture
  • Art
  • Tools
  • Books 
  • Music / Movies
  • Toys / Games
  • Photographs
  • Events / Longview and national that effect Longview

Send your ideas to:

Arleen Hubble -

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